Lotus School for Excellence is looking for new board members.  Being a school board member is one of the ways that the community can support and impact Lotus.

School Board Announcements

School Boards at Lotus are composed of unpaid, elected representatives who are selected to represent their community in school decisions.
Family members and community members are eligible to run for the school board.  The school bylaws require that at least one board member is a parent or guardian of a current Lotus student.  Generally, paid staff members wouldn’t be able to run for the school board because of the conflict of interest between the role of the school board and the role of a staff member.
Each school board member is elected to serve a three-year terms and the terms of the school board are staggered so that 1-2 board members end their term each year.
The school generally looks for members who have expertise in an area that directly benefits the school. Some of the skills that might make a strong board member are experience or expertise in the following areas: Finance Legal Marketing Human Resources Education Non-profits Community Partnerships Management Experience on other boards A passion for Lotus
If a person is considering being part of the Lotus school board, that person should understand that there is a time commitment. In addition to monthly meetings, there is research to do, materials to review, possible special meetings, potential committee work, and additional duties. The exact amount of time commitment varies on the month and what is happening within the school, but a board member should expect at least 5 hours a month (and sometimes significantly more) as a board member.
If you are interested in being part of the Lotus school board, send a letter of interest and resume to the board president at Applicant information is reviewed and the applicants who have a skillset that most closely matches the current needs of the board will be asked to attend a board meeting for an interview with the entire board. After the interview, the board will choose whether or not to appoint an applicant.

School Board Calendar

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