The LSE Health Team is dedicated to the support of students with chronic conditions and the care of urgent health needs during the school day for all students. We wish to provide a positive and welcoming safe space to your students and offer our school community health and wellness resources.


For your student that has allergies and requires an epi-pen or Benadryl at school

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Plan

This form is used if your child has asthma and will be using an inhaler at school

Asthma Action Plan

This form is used to give permission to your student to be given medication while at school. i.e. tylenol, ibuprofen, tums

Medication Permission form (English)

Medication Permission form (Spanish)

Use for students with a seizure history and may need assistance or medication at school for the seizure

Seizure Action Plan

Health Office Team

Denise Nelson MSN, RN-

MS & HS Nurse
P: 303-360-0052 (Ext. 146)

I graduated from Regis University in Denver in 2002 with a bachelor's degree in nursing and recently completed a Masters in Nursing Education from Grand Canyon University. My background includes medical/surgical nursing at the VA medical center and Health One facilities, public health in rural Colorado, and School Nursing. I am a certified CPR instructor. My passion is for teaching. I love helping someone learn about their body, the importance of health, and how they can make a difference in themselves through knowledge. I enjoy hiking in the mountains and baking. I am thankful to be a part of your students education and the Lotus community. I learn everyday working with such wonderful and diverse students and staff. One word that would describe me is caring.

Nayeli Molina

Elementary Health Para
P: 303-360-0052 (Ext. 116)

I started my career in health care, I am a certified Phlebotomist. I’ve been working at Lotus since November 2018, started as a para professional and given the opportunity to try something new and became Health Aide. My main role as the Health Aide is to assist students in taking medications, perform a wide variety of first aid and assist the school nurse. It’s my pleasure to care for students to the best of my abilities and skills. I enjoy baking, hiking and spending time with my Family.